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Wedding of Michael and Irene

I really had a great time hanging with this couple.  They were truly wonderful to work with.  They were easy going and funny.  It was a lovely wedding something tragic happened which I will not go into but even through

Groom photo at La Grande in Oakley CA



                they held their head up high and pushed forward and made their wedding beautiful and memorable.  These two are just down to earth people and so so funny.  The wedding was great but to be honest just going to see them prior to the wedding at their home and afterward in giving them their wedding album is where I just enjoyed hanging with them.  Anyway I wish them a wonderful life together.  Enjoy the photos.



The Wedding of Joe and Laura

I can’t say enough how much I really enjoyed working with Laura. Joe is a handsome dude no question, but I adore Laura. She is one hot beauty and I love her confidence. She rocked her dress. I liked the vintage vibe she brought to her wedding. It wasn’t overload just enough. They got married at the beautiful Brownstone Gardens in Oakley. Please enjoy the photos!

Brownstone Wedding in Oakley CA

The Wedding of Alejandro and Cassie

This wedding was held at the lovely La Grande in Oakley CA.  Such great people who run this location highly recommend it anyone who is in the process of looking for a venue.  What can I say about these two only that they are beautiful and beautiful when they are together.  It was a pleasure photographing their wedding and I wish them the best in their future.