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The Wedding of Clint and Nicole

The wedding was held at the beautiful Casa Real in Pleasanton CA.  Ceremony and reception same location.  It was a winter wedding in January of this year.  Funny thing it had been sunny for quit some time but then the weather decided to drizzle on and off again but either way the light was really nice.  Nicole looked stunning in casing her hour glass figure so beautifully.  I meet Clint for the first time on their wedding day what a nice young man.  He was very graceful and kind. Reception was so lively and exciting.  It awesome to see people just let loose.  I wish these two the very best and thank them for having me shoot their wedding day.  Please enjoy the photos!

Bride getting makeup done.

The Wedding of Michael and Jennifer

I really enjoyed working with these two.  I love that they are so in love with each other its great.  They are so expressive both of them and that alone makes for great photos especially in a journalistic approach.  Jennifer and her family from the beginning made me feel apart of their family hugs and smiles all around it felt like I was apart of their family almost it was great.  The details that were spent on the venue at Casa Real was so beautiful.  I normally do not add photos of speeches but in with this wedding I did because I will never forget the speech her made of honor which was her sister made so I had to include it because it touched me.  Apparently some bad little boy in school was making fun of her Jennifer’s sister calling name and such and Jennifer stood up to him and put in his place.  That is such a great sister not to fear a creep and stand up to whats right.  What is more interesting is Michael was Jennifer’s sisters teacher at one point and these two ended up falling in love!  God Bless you two.

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