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The Wedding of Ryan and Rebecca

These folks were so much fun.  They had a great sense of humor and they had me laughing it up.  Ryan and Rebecca’s wedding was held in the beautiful Eliston Vineyards in Sunol.  It was a beautiful fall day and her flowers had that lovely fall colors to them.  The desert table was a wonderful mixture of different cakes all done by someone in the family, they tasted amazing.  These two were great fun.

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The Engagement Session of Carmen and Alfred

It was a gorgeous February afternoon which I had the pleasure to photograph Carmen and Alfred in the old stomping grounds of Alfred’s youth.  It was a beautiful park in Redwood City.  Carmen what a trooper, she actually was feeling miserable but she held herself together.  I don’t know how she did it but she did.  I photographed a different session later to show the interest in Basket Ball that Alfred is really into so stay tuned for that session.  But I can’t wait to photograph these two love birds wedding day.



















The Wedding of Jordan and Analicia

These two are cuter than a button.  I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph they’re wonderful wedding in Gilroy.  Analicia got ready at her beautiful parents home.  When I got there at first it had been sprinkling but then the sun came out the grounds were gorgeous and we were sad that it didn’t look like at first we were going to use the outside.  But then the inside is just as pretty anyway.  However, the sun did decide after all to show up and we did use the outside for a bit.  The reception was actually at the Embassy Suites in Fremont.


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