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The Wedding of Connor and Melissa

This wedding was at the Fairview Crystal Springs in Burlingame. It has a magnificent view of the valley below. It was an early morning wedding so it was colorful and bright. I really loved how Connor looked at his new bride Melissa on their wedding day. How he held her tight and just loved on her it was so sweet to watch. Melissa had to changes of dresses one she got married in and the other where she had fun in, both lovely in their own way. Check out their photos!

Wedding at Fairview Crystal Springs in Burlingame Ca.

Pamela’s Maternity Session

Pam was such a sweetie to work with.  She completely gleamed in the wait of her baby girl.  We took these at the beautiful Newberry Estate Vineyards in Brentwood CA.  I brought some outfits to try on and she was a trooper dealing with my many maneuvers.  Congratulations!! Please enjoy the photos.

The Wedding Of Zach and Melissa

I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing Melissa and Zach.  They are a couple after my own heart because I love outdoor setting especially around lots of trees and so are they.  When we did their engagement session we shot it at Tilden Park amongest beautiful redwood trees and their wedding although it wasn’t in the forest area but pretty darn close.  It took place at The Faculty Club at UC Berkely and surrounding the location are many beautiful trees and and behind is an awesome log cabin it was pretty delightful.  Even inside the venue it felt like you are in a log cabin with all the gorgeous wood all around.   I really enjoyed their wedding.  Their whole family was so friendly and everyone seemed to really have a great time.  Enjoy the photos!


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The Wedding of Daniel and Priscilla

It was a beautiful wedding held at Bridges Golf Course in San Ramon Ca.  The bride was absolutely exquisite and the groom very handsome.  She had the most lovely center pieces for her Reception area everything  with elegant taste.  I appreciate that they actually took the time to do some amazing photos for us to capture during the reception.  It was a very delightful wedding filled with love.  Priscilla’s mom and grandfather proudly walked her down the isle while Daniel waited patiently but nervously anticipating her arrival.  It was a wonderful familial day.  I loved how close Priscilla is to her mother and how Daniel is to his parents.  These two are made to be together.  Enjoy the photos!


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E- Session of Angeline and Jason

Angeline and Jason are my kinda couple.  They are in love with shoes.  They have boxes loads of all kinds of Nike shoes.  So for their engagement session they took a couple of pictures I believe with the shoes that they will walk down the aisle in.  We shot their engagement session at Ocean Beach Jason proposed to Angeline by the rock with a heart shape as in one of the photos.  How romantic!  Stay tuned to their wedding day photos!