The Wedding of Allen and Martha

I really love shooting at Ratzlaff in Livermore CA.  This is one of those venues that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is there is always a location in which to shoot.  But not only that, I really enjoy the rustic element of this venue very down to earth and light hearted.  What can I say about these two they are adorable Martha was up to be photographed at any moment she made my job really easy and she looked so lovely.  I adored the simplicity of her dress and if flowed like a she was walking on a cloud.  Allen is more of the studious one but adorable none the less.  He was really interested in analyzing the optics of how far my camera could take distance shots.  Well he himself works in optics but for a different field.  But I thought these two were really a pleasure to work with and I had fun with them.    Enjoy the photos!


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