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The Wedding of Taylor and Taylor

Its very rare when I get a couple with the same name.  Its even more rare when one of the wedding coordinators name is also Taylor.  It made a fun and unique wedding day experience.  Ms. Taylor I love her dark hair it makes her look sultry and mysterious especially with her light eyes I enjoyed photographing her.  Taylor is soft spoken and so is her well now husband Taylor but their group of girls and guys are very outspoken.  Needless to say they were in high spirits and very fun crowd.  These two are really make a great couple both gentle souls.  It was an awesome wedding a great party group.  Enjoy the photos!

Brides Maids photo at Newberry Vineyards


Wedding Of Greg and Myra

This couple I appreciate so much.  They had a beautiful wedding at the lovely Newberry Estate Vineyards in Brentwood.  These two have been through so much so I have complete faith that they have a never ending in their love for each other.  The one thing that was to happen was their adorable bull dog was to come down the aisle but unfortunately the beautiful pup passed the day before that is very heart wrenching.  They continued on but they had an awesome display of adorable pictures of their pup at their wedding.   And what can I say about their cute little boy whose a sweet angel Braden, OMG he is so adorable.  Such a sweet lovable little boy.  He is one lucky kid to have such lovable parents.  Congratulations to this wonderful couple dream big!!


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