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Jasmine’s Maternity Session

I shot Jasmine’s session at one of my favorite locations it was in Mantalvo Art center in Saratoga Springs. Please enjoy them!

Engagement Session of Jeannine and Ryan

I had the pleasure of photographing these two at one of my favorite places Tilden Park in Berkley.  I believe Ryan once was an officer and now is a teacher or the post he was a teacher and now is an officer.  Anyway these two are sweet people and they brought their cute little pup for a photo opp.  I just love when clients bring their pets to do some photos with them.  I get a puppy break.  Anyway enjoy the photos.

Engagement at Tilden Park CA.

The Wedding of Taylor and Taylor

Its very rare when I get a couple with the same name.  Its even more rare when one of the wedding coordinators name is also Taylor.  It made a fun and unique wedding day experience.  Ms. Taylor I love her dark hair it makes her look sultry and mysterious especially with her light eyes I enjoyed photographing her.  Taylor is soft spoken and so is her well now husband Taylor but their group of girls and guys are very outspoken.  Needless to say they were in high spirits and very fun crowd.  These two are really make a great couple both gentle souls.  It was an awesome wedding a great party group.  Enjoy the photos!

Brides Maids photo at Newberry Vineyards


Engagement Session of Nicole and Gerald

These two are young and adorable. They fit each other so well I love there enthusiasm and there youth. We shot at Lover’s Lane in San Francisco and the Presido and Palace of Fine Arts. This city of San Francisco amazes me each time I shoot there. Always great locations and Lovers Lane was a new place for me and I found it to be gorgeous but it is a big location. Anyway we had a fun time and I loved how they loved each other all the way through. Please stay tunned for their wedding pictures!

Lover’s Lane San Francisco engagement Shoot

The Wedding of Willie and Michele

I really enjoyed getting to know Michele and her mother especially. They are adorable ladies. Michele knows what she wants and goes for it and I love that confidence. I only got to know Willie at the wedding and another shoot that we got to do later which will be seen shortly. But they make a beautiful couple. The wedding was at the goregous Palm Event Center in Pleasanton CA. Please enjoy the photos!

Wedding at The Palm Event Center

The Wedding of Jose and Lucy

I must say I was completely humbled when Lucy hired me.  These are hard working people who saved a lot to spend on their photography and for that I have the most respect for them.  Lucy really wanted to hire me and that just made me think wow I feel really special.  So I have a great respect for this couple.  I really enjoyed photographing their wedding as well.  I like the fact we went off to shoot them in a different location from their reception giving us plenty of time to concentrate on them and not worry so much about other people stopping them to talk to them while we are in the process of doing our job.  But besides all this, Lucy and Jose are just awesome people down to earth I love it.  I am happy with their photos so please enjoy.


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Engagement Session of Jennifer and Leo

Jennifer and Leo what a handsome couple.  I had the pleasure of photographing them at Round Valley a lovely park near Brentwood.  I love Jennifer’s expressions her smile makes me want to smile.  It brightens up a room. Leo is a little shy so she brings out the best in him.  He is very handsome and he may not know it but the camera just loves his face.  I am very excited to be photographing their wedding at Lear Vineyards coming up soon.  So stay tuned!