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The Wedding of Michael and Amanda

I had the pleasure of photographing the very lovely Amanda and Michael’s wedding at La Grande in Oakley CA. Their wedding was held on a Thursday. I loved Amanda’s dress it was champagne in color and it was flowy gorgeous. Michael had a smile a mile long all day. Please enjoy their photos!

Michael and Amanda Wedding
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Amanda’s wedding dress and her Betsy Johnson Shoes
Amanda’s bouquet of flowers at La Grande from Ribbon and Roses
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Amanda’s portrait at La Grande Oakley CA
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Amanda’s portrait at La Grande Oakley CA
Michael and Amanda
Michael and Amanda
Bride with Bridesmaids at La Grande Oakley CA
Grooms Portrait Oakley CA
Groom with Groomsmen Portrait Oakley CA
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Michael waiting for Amanda to walk down the isle at La Grande
wedding ceremony La Grande
Micahel and Amanda Wedding ceremony
Micahel and Amanda Wedding ceremony
Micahel and Amanda Wedding ceremony
Micahel and Amanda Wedding ceremony
Micahel and Amanda Wedding ceremony
Micahel and Amanda Wedding ceremony
Micahel and Amanda Wedding ceremony
Micahel and Amanda wedding rings
Michael and Amanda romantic portraits at La Grande Oakley CA
Michael and Amanda Romantic portrait at La Grande Oakley CA
Michael and Amanda
Michael and Amanda Wedding
Michael and Amanda
Amanda’s gorgeous dress
Michael and Amanda
Michael and Amanda in the vineyards La Grande
Michael and Amanda in the vineyards in La Grande Oakley CA
Michael and Amanda wedding detail of flowers from Ribbons and Roses
Michael and Amanda wedding head table
Michael and Amanda Wedding cake by TLC cakes
Michael and Amanda venue picture La Grande Oakley CA
Michael and Amanda Wedding table detail
Michael and Amanda bridal party
Michael and Amanda first dance
Michael and Amanda first dance
Michael and Amanda first dance
Michael and Amanda Wedding

Engagement Session of Katlyn and Austin

I photographed Katyln and Austin’s engagement session on their property.  Let me just say how gorgeous this property is.  The open space and land and the views were stunning.  I loved the cowboy hats and country wears.  Unfortunately I was not their wedding photographer. I would have loved to shoot their wedding being on their property with these extraordinary views couldn’t ask for a better location.  But at least they let me in for a brief moment in their beautiful property to do their Engagement session.  Enjoy the photos.

Engagement session in Antioch CA.


Pamela’s Maternity Session

Pam was such a sweetie to work with.  She completely gleamed in the wait of her baby girl.  We took these at the beautiful Newberry Estate Vineyards in Brentwood CA.  I brought some outfits to try on and she was a trooper dealing with my many maneuvers.  Congratulations!! Please enjoy the photos.

The Wedding of Alex and Angelina

Angelina and Alex were a joy to work with.  They didn’t have any bridesmaids or groomsmen which is such a different experience for me but one I quit enjoyed.  We concentrated primarily on them as a couple and family which is the most important thing.  Angelina is such an elegant beautiful young woman and the way Alex looks at her its amazing.  He is such an awesome person.  The last photo is an image of me with the groom and other vendors that Alex wanted to make a toast I don’t ever drink at anyone’s wedding accept maybe a diet coke.  So it was hard for me to take a shot but I did it and you can see my hand in the shot.  Please enjoy the photos!

Jon and Krupa 1

I had the pleasure of photographing this mini Indian wedding of Jon and Krupa.  It was held in San Francisco and a gorgeous Indian wedding ceremony for Krupa’s family.  I thought it looked magnificent with all those adoring colors and fancy fabrics which is not what you normally see in a typical western wedding.  It was great to be apart of something so cultural I absolutely loved it.  I also had the pleasure of photographing their more traditional wedding but you will get to see that next week.

San Francisco Indian Wedding

San Francisco Indian Wedding


Bride puts on Jewlery before ceremony.


Portrait of Krupa just before her Indian ceremony


Detail of brides jewlery and makeup.


Portrait of Krupa a traditional Indian Bride


Detail of the alter to the Indian Ceremony how gorgeously colorful it is.


Chair near alter where family usually sit during Indian wedding ceremony


Detail of food given at the Indian ceremony between couple


A detail for the Indian wedding Ceremony


The groom walking in to the Indian Ceremony for family blessing


Mother in law washes feet of groom at the alter in the Indian wedding ceremony


Detail shot of Indian priest blessings


Exchange of flower wreaths at the Indian ceremony


Detail shot of the bride and groom wearing their flower wreaths at their Indian ceremony


Detail shot of grooms sister tying the knot for bride and groom at the Indian wedding ceremony


Blessing at the Indian ceremony


A shot of the bride and groom tied together holding hand at the Indian ceremony


Groom blessing his bride at the Indian wedding ceremony


A bride and groom shot at the alter after the wedding ceremony.


A photo of bride and groom after their Indian wedding ceremony to show off how gorgeous their attire really are.


A close up shot of the bride holding on to her groom.


Indian god detail shot ceremonial god at the Indian wedding


Blessing of the mother of the bride at the Indian wedding in San Francisco


Mother of the bride blesses groom at the Indian wedding ceremony


Covering of the groom and reveal of groom to see is bride for first time at the Indian wedding


Bride walking up to the alter at her Indian wedding ceremony San Francisco


Bride and groom at Indian ceremony walk around in circle to confirm there marriage


Blessings of bride and groom on their Indian wedding ceremony

The Wedding of Stephen and Ashley

These two are so cute.  I enjoyed their wedding so much at the Jefferson St. Mansion.  They had a Disney type theme to their wedding but it wasn’t overly done it was in a very delicate and very clean way.  They even had hidden Mickey type things at their wedding like her earings, his cufflinks, the flowers at the alter shapped in Mickey ears but you can’t really notice it until really looking at it.  So cute in a grown up way.  I just love how these two look at each other its overwhelmingly beautiful.  Enjoy their photos!


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Brianna’s Quinceanera

I was honored to photograph this lovely young lady’s 15th birthday.  I really loved all the attention to the details in Brianna’s birthday decorations.  She is a major baseball player in school and I loved how she showed that in her party.  Please enjoy the photos!
























The Wedding of Dennis and Danielle

It was a great pleasure to photograph Danielle and Dennis’s wedding.  They got married at the lovely Elliston Vineyards tucked away in Sunol.   It was a bright and mild tempered day.  Everyone was lovely and sweet.  Funny story about Danielle’s earrings, as I was photographing them at the time I had no idea they came apart and when I picked them up and they did that I started to panic.  I was terrified that I broke them and I was ready to just hop in my car leave my second shooter there with them and go buy a pair of earrings for her. I didn’t want to tell her but I had to because she would realize I wasn’t there for a moment so I told her and she was calm and collected.  She said aren’t these the coolest earrings see they come apart my jaw dropped and I explained what happened she started laughing.  OMG I thought that I had had a heart attack but it all ended up being okay.  The wedding went splendidly and I was happy to be apart of their wedding.  Enjoy the photos!

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Engagement session of Angelina and Louis

I had a great time getting to know these two on the drive up to Muir Woods and Muir Beach.  They as well as me have a love for nature and trees and what better place to do an engagement session.  They will be getting married earlier part of 2017 and I am excited to be photographing their wedding soon.  It was so cute they were a little nervous in the initial part of taking their photos because they never really had a professional photograph taken together.  But I think they did an amazing job.  They are such awesome people.  Enjoy the photos.


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Wedding of Sal and Estrella

Sal and Estrella’s wedding took place in the lovely Leer Vineyards.  It was a gorgeous day not to hot just right.  The ceremony over looked the gorgeous vineyards.  Sal is out of the two is the more serious one and Estrella is the more smiley one of the two.  How I adore her smile.  I was very proud to have shot these two.  I wish nothing but the best for them.  Enjoy their pictures!


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