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The Wedding of Connor and Melissa

This wedding was at the Fairview Crystal Springs in Burlingame. It has a magnificent view of the valley below. It was an early morning wedding so it was colorful and bright. I really loved how Connor looked at his new bride Melissa on their wedding day. How he held her tight and just loved on her it was so sweet to watch. Melissa had to changes of dresses one she got married in and the other where she had fun in, both lovely in their own way. Check out their photos!

Wedding at Fairview Crystal Springs in Burlingame Ca.

The Wedding of Joe and Laura

I can’t say enough how much I really enjoyed working with Laura. Joe is a handsome dude no question, but I adore Laura. She is one hot beauty and I love her confidence. She rocked her dress. I liked the vintage vibe she brought to her wedding. It wasn’t overload just enough. They got married at the beautiful Brownstone Gardens in Oakley. Please enjoy the photos!

Brownstone Wedding in Oakley CA

The Wedding of Willie and Michele

I really enjoyed getting to know Michele and her mother especially. They are adorable ladies. Michele knows what she wants and goes for it and I love that confidence. I only got to know Willie at the wedding and another shoot that we got to do later which will be seen shortly. But they make a beautiful couple. The wedding was at the goregous Palm Event Center in Pleasanton CA. Please enjoy the photos!

Wedding at The Palm Event Center

The Wedding of Enrique and Vanessa

It was a beautiful spring day when these two love birds got married. They are supper sweet. Vanessa’s smile is contagious and the way Enrique looked at Vanessa was adoring. I loved the spring colors that Vanessa choice for her flowers the beautiful dark pinks mixed with the baby pinks and whites so very pretty. I had a great time at this wedding and I loved that they gave me plenty of time to do their photos making it easier to create a beautiful photos. Thank you for having me as your photographer!

Wedding at Wedgewood Brentwood CA.

The Wedding of Brandon and Lorena

This wedding was held at Club Los Meganos in Brentwood one of my favorite venues in my area. This wedding was unique because it brought two cultures together and I really appreciated it. The family of the groom and bride were absolutely wonderful to work with and they were joyous and a lot of fun.

The Wedding of Drew and Jennifer

This was the last wedding for me of 2016 but it was also one of my favorites.  I really do enjoy this venue its got views and a really solid staff.  Drew and Jennifer they are cuter then two peas in a pod.  I love Jennifer’s laugh and smile it is intoxicating.  She smiles and laughs with passion right down from her soul and its great.  Drew is on the mello side but so funny in his somewhat serious way.  Anyway these two I was thrilled to have been their photographer.  Thank you, you two!!

The Wedding of Alejandro and Cassie

This wedding was held at the lovely La Grande in Oakley CA.  Such great people who run this location highly recommend it anyone who is in the process of looking for a venue.  What can I say about these two only that they are beautiful and beautiful when they are together.  It was a pleasure photographing their wedding and I wish them the best in their future.


The Wedding of Alex and Angelina

Angelina and Alex were a joy to work with.  They didn’t have any bridesmaids or groomsmen which is such a different experience for me but one I quit enjoyed.  We concentrated primarily on them as a couple and family which is the most important thing.  Angelina is such an elegant beautiful young woman and the way Alex looks at her its amazing.  He is such an awesome person.  The last photo is an image of me with the groom and other vendors that Alex wanted to make a toast I don’t ever drink at anyone’s wedding accept maybe a diet coke.  So it was hard for me to take a shot but I did it and you can see my hand in the shot.  Please enjoy the photos!